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Christmas Movies and Holiday TV Schedule 2020

Don't miss any of your favorite Christmas TV Shows or Movies this year!

We keep our Christmas TV schedule updated year round, so check back often to see if one of your favorites is scheduled for today. Whether you are looking for an old classic Christmas Movie, or the Christmas episode of your favorite television show, this is the place to find a little Christmas spirit.

Date Time Channel Program
09/17/21 07:00 am TVONE A Different World - White Christmas
09/17/21 07:53 am HBOFam The Search for Santa Paws (2010)
09/17/21 11:00 am CMT Roseanne - December Bride
09/17/21 01:30 pm BET The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Christmas Show
09/17/21 02:00 pm LOGO The Facts of Life - The Christmas Show
09/17/21 03:30 pm CMT The King of Queens - Better Camera
09/17/21 05:00 pm TVONE A Different World - White Christmas
09/17/21 06:30 pm Freeform Family Guy - Don't Be a Dickens at Christmas
09/17/21 08:00 pm Hallmark One Royal Holiday (2020)
09/18/21 02:00 am H&I The District - The Santa Wars
09/18/21 04:00 am COZI Frasier - Perspectives on Christmas
09/18/21 04:30 am MTV2 Living Single - Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
09/18/21 08:00 am ION NCIS: New Orleans - Blue Christmas
09/18/21 10:00 am Paramount NCIS - Silent Night
09/18/21 01:00 pm HallMov Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery (2015)
09/18/21 08:00 pm GAC The Beverly Hillbillies - Home for Christmas
09/18/21 08:00 pm HallDrama The Waltons - The Spirit
09/18/21 08:30 pm GAC The Beverly Hillbillies - No Place Like Home
09/19/21 12:00 am GAC The Beverly Hillbillies - Home for Christmas
09/19/21 12:30 am GAC The Beverly Hillbillies - No Place Like Home
09/19/21 01:00 am TVLand The King of Queens - Baker's Doesn't
09/19/21 04:30 am VH1 Martin - Holiday Blues
09/19/21 06:00 am Bounce The Bernie Mac Show - A Christmas Story
09/19/21 08:00 am HallMov Monk - Mr Monk and the Miracle
09/19/21 11:00 am HallDrama Picking Up and Dropping Off (2003)
09/19/21 02:30 pm WGN Amer Last Man Standing - Wedding Planning
09/19/21 03:00 pm CW Friends - The One with All the Candy
09/19/21 03:30 pm CW Friends - The One With the Holiday Armadillo
09/19/21 04:30 pm CW Blackish - Black Santa/White Christmas
09/19/21 05:30 pm LOGO Mama's Family - Santa Mama

*** Look for the underlined Christmas Movies in the above list. We have added links to those titles to make it easy for you to purchase your favorite Christmas Movies to enjoy anytime during the year.


All Times are US Eastern Time. Please check your local tv listings for times near you. We try to be as accurate as possible, but sometimes stations change their schedules after they are published.